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Gentle Caesarean; taking back control

You might think that having a planned c-section means that you don’t have the same options as other women for your birth and that you’re completely in the hands of the doctors.

This just isn’t the case anymore, there are many ways you can tailor this type of birth to suit your ideal birth vision and to make it a positive one.

A gentle caesarean section is:

- Planned, calm and peaceful

- Works more in harmony with your own body’s birth hormones

- Supports nature

- Is a hands off approach

- Is a gentle approach for you and for baby

Knowing that you are having a planned caesarean allows you the benefit of knowing when your baby is coming, for many women whether this method of delivery is by choice or due to medical necessity it takes away a lot of the unknowns and uncertainty which can be extremely comforting. With this being the case, it lays an ideal foundation for the birthing parent to be able to remain calm and relaxed about the upcoming birth.

Remaining calm and relaxed is so important in labour as this aids the natural production of our birthing hormones. Hormones that are responsible for starting labour and supporting us to birth our baby vaginally. But they also have an important part to play even if a caesarean is the planned or unplanned route for baby to make an entrance.

You’ve heard me talk before about Oxytocin which is the ‘love hormone’, and along with being responsible for contractions in labour it plays a massive part in establishing a bond between us and baby, supports with breastfeeding and is responsible for the uterine muscle contracting after birth to prevent substantial blood loss.

Endorphins are the body’s natural pain-relieving hormone. Although all caesarean sections are performed under an epidural or spinal, which prevents the body from releasing endorphins we can still build up a bank of these in our body prior to labour which will allow us to still feel that ‘euphoric’ sensation when handed our baby and is proved to help prevent the ‘baby blues’.

Adrenaline plays a role in all labours and undoubtably will do so for those having caesareans, learning techniques to harness the ‘fight flight response’ that adrenaline gives rise to will allow for a more calm and relaxed birth.

All these hormones play a vital part regardless of the birth you have and learning how to promote their release will assist you in having a Gentle Caesarean.

The elements that make up a Gentle Caesarean are:

- All monitoring devices can be place around areas of your body that won’t affect your ability to hold or feed baby.

- Asking that no drugs are given to make your drowsy so you can be fully present for the birth

- Playing calm music of your choice

- The drapes can be lowered so you can see your baby being born

- Ask for baby’s head to be lifted out, if left baby will slowly birth rest of body. This also allows for pressure to be placed on the baby’s lungs to squeeze out any fluid which is naturally the case in a vaginal birth

- You can ask for silence when baby is being born so the first voice, they hear is yours

- Delayed cord clamping is still possible

- Immediate skin-to-skin

- Ask to find out sex of baby yourself

If you are having a planned caesarean but would like the experience to be as calm, relaxed and feel in control of your birth. Please visit my website for details on my Positive Caesarean Section course for more details.

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