Meet Ellie
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How I found Hypnobirthing

If my pre-mummy self could see me now, she’d probably barely even recognise me. She would never have expected I would use Hypnobirthing to achieve the birth I did and would definitely not expect me to be now teaching other couples about it.


But I was, and still am, someone who likes to plan. I went about planning my wedding meticulously down to every fine detail, planned exactly when I was ready to have children and made sure that the execution of that was also carefully planned to ensure success :)

So I don’t think my husband was surprised when having read every pregnancy and baby book available on Amazon I decided that I wanted to be able to plan for my labour.

Although everyone had told me how awful the whole experience was…even my mother liked to tell me the story of how having had an epidural with me, she walked the halls of the labour ward recanting the wonderful experience she’d had courtesy of an epidural to ensure nobody was silly enough to try doing it without!


As a Type A personality my opinion was, the more information or ‘tools in my tool box’ I had, surely the better my chances were of avoiding a truly awful birth story which ended with people saying “at least you have a healthy baby”.

Milli Hill, the author of The Positive Birth Book so 'clearly puts it: “we need to get a red pen out and remove ‘healthy baby’ from its current status as the ‘pinnacle of expectations’ and demote it to the baseline". That had me hooked, I wanted more. And like me, and   other women, you can achieve it too!